Who we are

CareerTraxion aims to provide you with the tools to move your career forward. We offer practical guidance for entering the workplace, developing the building blocks of your career, and establishing a sustainable career. Whether you are just starting out or are already on a path, CareerTraxion offers services to support your efforts as you take the next steps towards career growth and success. We have Level 2 BBBEE status.


CareerTraxion helps leaders and employees fulfill their personal potential and maximize their contribution to their orgnizations. PeopleTraxion gives every jobseeker the ability to shine. BusinessTraxion develops the people and leaders your organization deserves.

Why Us

CareerTraxion helps you identify, own and exploit your full potential. From finding the first job to progressing your career, to leading your team and organization. We will help you achieve your unique goals.

“A strong leader that believes in her staff and always willing to listen and help were possible. A motivator, leader, mentor, coach and most of all a lovely person.”

Jolan Naidoo • DIRECTOR